Sunday 23 April 2017

Pallets to Paradise

Two years since the last post? Clearly I'm too lazy for blogging. Not that I've moved house, changed jobs, brought two children into the world and commute to London every day. Nope, just lazy.

Here's a thing I've just done! I acquired a load of wooden pallets for free and some strawberry plants.
So I had a word with the pallets using my chainsaw and built some nice (?) planters.

I lined the inside of the box with some old plastic compost bags to prevent to pallet wood going rotten. Aside from that, very little thought was applied in the construction of this. Plenty of satisfaction and enjoyment though.

My only tip when trying to up-cycle wooden pallets is not to bother trying to de-nail them nicely, it's far to hard. Just saw out the good bits.

That's it for now. I'll probably do another post on wood turning or something, but who knows!?