Tuesday 9 July 2013

Being green in the real world.

A famous frog once said "It isn't easy being green". 

The philosopher Kermit wasn't referring to the current eco-trendy fashion movement, but was in no doubt that such wise words would resonate with generations to follow.

Being green in current times is easier than ever, but not without it's challenges. Only idiots argue that climate change is not happening and humans are not actively harming our planet. Just 15 minutes locked in your garage with the car engine running should be evidence enough, but still they remain unconvinced that the billions of cars spewing the same gasses that kill a human in minutes across the world is fine and groovy.

It aint fine and groovy. So rather than doing nothing like these idiots I plan to do something. It won't be world saving stuff but it may inspire you to do the same, which may inspire someone else and so on and so forth. 

This blog will document my efforts towards living a greener, more eco friendly life. A normal life in which I work full time, earn an average wage and soon become a Dad. 

Next post I'll talk more about my new car. A 100% electric Nissan Leaf

It's awesome...

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